Manna Bible Baptist Church
A Place Where the Word of God Imparts New Life

Core Values

Exalt the Lord Jesus Christ in Worship
Because He is God, God who became a Man, (Col. 2:9), and 
because there is no other Name by which humanity can be 
saved, (Acts 4:12) His Name is above all other names 
and is worthy of honor and praise.

Edify the Saints-Bring them to Maturity
Manna’s work is not finished until every believer is made perfect, 
mature, complete— a replica of the Savior.

Equip Believers for Ministry
The entire body of Christ, His church, is endowed with Spiritual Gifts that must be unveiled and utilized so 
the Earth has a visible manifestation of Christ’s presence.

Educate and Disciple Converts 
We insist Christians must master the Word of God: 
read it, study it, memorize it, and implement it in their daily lives.

Empower Christians for Service
People of God are challenged to become better servants of God 
- servants who are willing to become better spouses, 
parents, employees, students, neighbors, citizens and 
leaders in their community.

Engage the Community to Create Awareness
We are proactive and provocative with intense 
programming that reaches into the community to make our, 
and more significantly, His presence known.

Evangelize the Lost
Through concentrated, creative, and personal witness, 
Manna exists to teach and encourage “each one to reach one” with the Gospel.

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 Home Core Values  Statement of Faith About  Ministries   Events & Activities Media / Resources Online Giving Contact  

We are the ecclesia, the called out ones who are inhabited by the Spirit of God.  

Until we are translated into the kingdom of heaven, we have a job to do.

We are the visible manifestation 
of Christ’s presence on earth.  

We are the custodians of truth, and are responsible to proclaim it to others by sharing the Gospel of Jesus to our local community and ultimately to the world.
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Contact Information

David E. Gaines, Sr. - Senior Pastor
3043 West Belvedere Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21215
Phone: (410) 664-0743
Fax: (410) 664-4310